Grease Interceptor Traps

Relining Services can rehabilitate and re-line defective grease interceptor traps as required. All of our specialists hold OH&S and Confined Space certificates. Relining services rehabilitation process can be a fraction of the cost of conventional replacement of grease traps. This process means no other tradesman and restoration costs incurred. Please click below for a comprehensive guide to trade waste.



  • Fraction of the cost of complete replacement.
  • 50 year minimum life span.
  • 6 independant international certified tests.
  • No disruption to public or businesses.
  • No excavation, other tradesman or further restoration costs.


  1. Pump out the existing waste.
  2. Blast the grease trap at high pressure with a grease emulsifier.
  3. Mortar is then applied to fill voids and imperfections to concrete surfaces.
  4. Followed by the application of our laboratory developed Epoxy System for a permanent protective lining inside the grease trap surface.










MORTAR  Is a factory blended, cementitious, one component, repair and surface lining waterproof barrier mortar. It consists of calcium aluminate cement, well-graded acid resistant aggregates and special chemicals of an inorganic, hydrophobic (water repellent) nature, which resist strong hydrostatic pressure. CA is a special formulation providing structural integrity and protecting concrete, masonry and brick substrates against biogenic corrosion in strong hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) environments. The absence of fibers in CA guarantees it will prevent water infiltration or exfiltration in sewer manholes or tank structures at minimum thickness of ¼” (6mm).

EPOXY SYSTEM Our Epoxy System is a rapid curing, medium viscosity modified epoxy resin designed to repair maintenance holes, sumps, wetwells, pipelines, clarifiers, etc. Excellent cure at low temperatures and in the presence of moisture. Typically develops a hard surface in four hours or less. Rapid development of physical properties. Excellent chemical resistance to both acids, caustics, gasoline and other hydrocarbons. This Epoxy System has been laboratory designed, and tested around a typical grease interceptor trap water sample. Relining services are based centrally in Brisbane. Relining services can rehabilitate grease traps in all areas of the Gold and Tweed Coast to Brisbane and the North Coast. Relining Services travel Australia wide and have contacts in most states.

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