Plastic Extrusion Welding Certificate III Acquired

Relining Services’ staff recently acquired Cert III in Plastics Welding.

Staff regularly engage in a wide variety of training and professional development courses thoughout the year.

Relining Services strive to maintain and improve professional competence, enhance career progression, keep abreast of new technologies and practices, also to comply with professional regulatory organizations.

26, March 2012.

150mm Cast Storm Water Pipe Reline

Another successful Pipe Reline was carried out by Relining Services last week. Check out our youtube chanel to view our most recent footage.

14, February 2012.

Merry Christmas

Relining Services would like wish you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year. Thank you to our customers and suppliers for their support.

7, December 2011.

Wet Suit Waterproofing Membrane

Relining Services in conjunction with Asset Rehabilitation and Sustainability Services (A.R.S.S.) successfully completed a waterproofing project for the Gold Coast City Council.

WETSUIT is impermeable and long lasting and is flexible to the point of expanding up to 1500% its size and returning to its orginal shape. It is superior too and actually cheaper than conventional methods due to the speed and simplicity of its application. Preparation is the key and a surface must be properly cleaned and prepped, once this is done the application is quick and unobtrusive. Energy savings are an added advantage as up to 40% of the cost of air-conditioning a two storey building can be saved by applying Wet Suit and an appropriate white flexible coating. For more information please visit

19, May 2011.

Difficult New Grease Trap Installation

Below are photos of a difficult Grease Trap installation that Relining Services completed. With prior CCTV inspections and service locations Relining Services made what seemed impossible, easily achieved. With the landlord’s foresight to add a new grease trap to the premises, the potential for increasing future lease applicants is attainable. 24, March 2011.

Domestic Grease Trap

Images of a domestic Grease Trap completely rehabilitated after it was found to be discharging harmful waste, causing the owners great distress. Relining Services are eager to devise resourceful solutions to any issues you may have. 1, February 2011.

New Grease Trap Installation

Relining Services was approached after several plumbers informed our client that installing a grease trap for a possible new tenancy was impossible. At Relining Services we make the impossible possible. With the help of pumped systems we can treat waste water for any application. 18, January 2011.

Aquatic Centre Reline

Relining Services can reline and rehabilitate most surfaces and structures. A pool skimmer box has been plugged and repaired using rapid set Epoxy mortar and then relined with our 100% solids Epoxy system. 31, August 2010.

Grease Trap Rehabilitation on the Tweed

Relining Services completed a total rehabilitation of a 2000Litre Grease Interceptor Trap in the Tweed Heads Shire. If you live in the Tweed area we can be of assistance with any Grease Trap issues you may have. I have uploaded some photo’s in the Grease Trap image gallery. If you have any questions please call (07) 55 205 979 or alternatively leave a message on our comments page and I will post an information pack out to you. 19 May, 2010.

Relining for Tweed Heads Shire Council

Recently Relining Services were contracted to reline a house sewer drain for Tweed Heads Shire Council. All work was completed successfully and video footage of before and after was provided. Relining Services cover the whole Tweed Heads Shire. 3 March, 2010.